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40k Space Marine

40k Space Marine

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Space Marines Warhammer Lightbox – Illuminate the Emperor's Might!

Enhance your Warhammer collection with the Space Marines Warhammer Lightbox. This 3D-printed masterpiece captures the valor and strength of the Emperor's finest warriors, combining heroic design with advanced craftsmanship.


  • Iconic Design: The front panel showcases the Space Marines emblem, precisely 3D printed to allow light to shine through, highlighting the majestic aquila and imperial iconography.
  • Dynamic LED Lighting: High-quality LED strips offer programmable lighting effects in bold blues and whites, creating a dynamic and inspiring atmosphere.
  • Immersive Background: A detailed Warhammer 40k scene depicting Space Marines in epic battle, printed on translucent material, brings your favorite moments to life when illuminated.
  • Interactive Controls: Easily adjust the lighting effects with buttons or switches on the base, and enjoy integrated ambient sounds of the Space Marines' powerful charge.

Illuminate your collection with the Space Marines Warhammer Lightbox, a perfect blend of art and technology, bringing the heroic might of the Space Marines into your home. Order now and let the light of the Emperor shine through your collection!

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