Collection: Light Boxes

Step into a realm where nostalgia meets innovation with our captivating collection of video games and popular culture-themed lamps. Each piece is a vibrant tribute to beloved icons and memorable moments, meticulously crafted to illuminate both spaces and hearts alike. Picture a Pac-Man lamp, its glowing maze evoking memories of arcade triumphs. Nearby, a sleek Tron-inspired design pulses with futuristic hues, a beacon of retro-futurism. Explore further to discover a pixelated Mario jumping into action, or a meticulously detailed Game of Thrones lamp casting shadows worthy of the Iron Throne. Each lamp is not just a source of light, but a portal to worlds where imagination thrives and fandoms unite. Whether adorning a gaming den or sparking conversation in a modern living room, these lamps are more than decor—they’re tokens of passion and windows to the adventures that define us.